About Us

Synergy Dental & Implant Centre offers exceptional dental care treatment by team of dental specialists who function from a state of the art dental facility in Defence Colony. We provide a holistic dental treatment plan for you and your family that covers all aspects of dental treatments to help you enjoy a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles. Synergy Dental & Implant Centre consists of a team of dental specialists who are masters in their respective specialisations. With their rich professional background and vast clinical experience of over thirty years, Dr. Poonam Dutt and her team of specialists are dedicated to provide an individualistic and pleasant dental experience. This enables each patient to have a complete understanding of the customised dental treatment, giving them confidence and making them feel comfortable.


“Care and Conserve”

At Synergy Dental & Implant Centre we ensure that patients fully understand their dental treatment needs, always keeping their best interests at heart. This is done by giving enough chair-side time to correctly diagnose your dental problem and outline a treatment plan best suited to your dental health and smile goals. We take utmost care to make your visit friendly and comfortable and to reduce any apprehensions you may have by explaining the procedures in advance and making the treatment as painless as possible, within a minimum number of visits. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive dental treatment plan which includes a preventive approach and post-treatment maintenance plan in order to avoid further treatment costs or complications. We endeavour to give exceptional dental care /treatment to help our patients enjoy a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles !


  • Expertise in Dental Methodology

Our team consists of dental specialists who have vast clinical experience and expertise in various types of treatments with minimum recurrences and failures. We have a ‘conservative’ approach while developing personalised treatment plans which suit your unique needs and we employ advanced dental methods to provide high-quality treatments. We believe in providing correct diagnosis which forms the foundation of your treatment and makes your visit as painless and minimally invasive as possible.

  • Full Range of Dental Services

We pride ourselves in offering a full range of services that enables to provide a reliable ‘one-stop-solution’ for all your dental issues. We provide dental care to people of all age groups under one roof - be it children, young adults, adults and senior citizens. We ensure that you and your family get the best and most comfortable treatment that you can expect.

  • Comfort and Convenience

Your whole family will love their visits to Synergy Dental & Implant Centre! Kids and their parents appreciate the gentle, thorough care and personal attention that Dr. Poonam Dutt and her team of dental specialists pay to each patient at every visit. For your convenience, we start seeing patients on fixed appointment basis at 5 pm and stay open until 9 pm from Monday to Friday. We are also open on Saturday mornings, as we understand the busy weekday schedules of patients. Also, it’s convenient for you to reach us as we are located in the heart of the city at Defence Colony, New Delhi.

Call Synergy Dental & Implant Centre today to discover a unique dental experience that your family will love, and a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime!

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